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Although great progress has been made to develop a design for the future Rodney Reservoir Park in collaboration with the community, the City of Wilmington is moving forward in early March with a demolition and regrading project at the Rodney Reservoir without the funding or contractor in place to build the park.
​What residents are asking the City to do before starting demolition:

  • Secure funding, turn design into bid documents and engage a general contractor to build the new park. 

  • Attach an environmental deed restriction to the property to prevent future residential development.

  • Require City contractors to do soil testing and properly handle hazardous substances during demolition.

  • Meet with community to explain how Air Monitoring Plan will work and how it will keep us safe.

Now is a critical time to act. Click here to sign this NEW petition to show elected officials there is broad public support for the City to put the funding in place to build the park before they start demolition so we can make sure we end up with the beautiful park we have all been working so hard to design.

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