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Community Design

Green for the Greater Good is advocating for a resident-driven vision for the future Rodney Reservoir Park. We've partnered with Professor Anna Wik, RLA, ASLA, of the University of Delaware’s Plant and Soil Sciences Department and Dr. Nina David of the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration to facilitate community design work.

This collaboration has created opportunities for neighbors and stakeholders to work with experts and students in landscape architecture and urban planning to facilitate our community's thinking about what’s possible for a public park at the Rodney Reservoir site, to take stock of our collective priorities, and to move toward a common vision for the site.

We are teaming up with UD's Living Lab Research Group once more to facilitate community-engaged research and design sessions, this time focused on the Rodney Reservoir Community Garden

Students of Professor Anna Wik's Urban Design Studio course are analyzing the site and are developing creative designs for the future Rodney Reservoir Park. 

Over 80 members of the public came together and developed a high-level vision for nature- and community-focused park at the Rodney Reservoir.

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