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Calling or Writing Tips:
- Choose your words wisely
- Be respectful
- Identify yourself as a constituent
- Know your facts
- Note your expertise
- Be brief
Ideas for your calls:

“Hello, my name is [insert your name] and I am your constituent from [insert your address].

I am calling to ask [insert politician’s name] to support keeping the Rodney Reservoir safe, public, and green. The good news is that last week Mayor Purzycki let the community know he has heard us and agrees that the Rodney Reservoir should stay a public greenspace. He also told us he is no longer seeking to develop the site as housing. I am contacting [insert politician’s name] today to ask for your help in making sure the state’s Bond Bill funding for the Rodney Reservoir reflects this change. We would appreciate anything you can do to make sure the Bond Bill and any related contract language specifies that the Rodney Reservoir funds are designated for greenspace improvements, including addressing safety concerns."

Include your own words to express why this issue is important to you! For example:

  • I live in this neighborhood, and I love the Rodney Reservoir because:

  • I want to see it remain a greenspace because:

  • I think it’s important that the state’s funding for the Rodney Reservoir be restricted to greenspace improvements because:


Close by thanking the elected official, for example:

"Thank you for everything you do to positively impact our city and neighborhood."

Contact Info:

Sen. Elizabeth Lockman (SD 3)



Rep. Sherry Dorsey Walker (RD 3)



Rep. Debra Heffernan

Chair, Capital Improvement Committee



Sen. Nicole Poore

Vice Chair, Capital Improvement Committee


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