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Click this link to send a pre-written letter to legislators to let them know we want a plan for the future Rodney Reservoir Park BEFORE demolition! You can also add your own text. It's easy!!  Read on for more details!


  • The City is moving forward with plans to demolish the Rodney Reservoir.

  • The City hasn't formed the Rodney Reservoir Task Force yet even though bond bill funding requires comprehensive planning and community engagement.

  • The City has not made plans or set aside funds to turn the Rodney Reservoir into a permanent public greenspace.


Before starting demolition, we need the City of Wilmington to collaborate with the community to create a design for the future Rodney Reservoir public greenspace and secure the funding to make it a reality. 


Let the City and elected officials know that you oppose any demolition before a community-driven plan is in place with funding. Ask them to launch a Rodney Reservoir Working Group right away so that the city and residents can work together on creating a design for the future greenspace and obtaining the funding to make it a reality.

Email the Mayor's office:

Mayor Mike Purzycki:

Email your state legislators:

Senator Elizabeth Lockman:

Representative Sherry Dorsey-Walker: 

Email the Capital Improvement (Bond) Committee:

Chair: Senator John "Jack" Walsh: 
Vice-Chair: Representative Debra Heffernan:

Senator Spiros Mantzavinos: 
Senator Marie Pinkney: 
Senator Nicole Poore: 
Senator Bryant L. Richardson: 
Senator David L. Wilson: 

Representative William Bush:
Representative Sean Matthews: 
Representative Edward S. Osienski: 
Representative Ronald E. Gray: 
Representative Michael F. Smith: 

Email local City Council Members:

Council Member Bregetta Fields (5th District): 
Council Member Christofer Johnson (7th District): 

Email At-Large City Council Members:

Council Member James Spadola:

Council Member Maria D. Cabrera:

Council Member Albert "Al" Mills:

Council Member Latisha L. Bracy:

Email Wilmington City Council President

Ernest "Trippi" Congo

Stay in touch and invite your neighbors to do the same!

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  • Join weekly organizing meetings at 10 AM Saturdays 

    • Heads up, new location! The Church of the Holy City, 1118 N. Broom St

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