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This newsletter aims to keep our community informed about the latest news on the Rodney Reservoir and to provide opportunities for everyone to engage and take action.


WHO WE ARE: Green for the Greater Good is a group of neighbors working to keep the Rodney Reservoir site public, safe and green so all residents can enjoy its use. All are welcome to join this effort!


1. UPDATE: Read our Op-Ed in the News Journal: “We need a new park at Rodney Reservoir - Wilmington must engage its residents”


Please take a few moments to read and share this Op-Ed that explains why comprehensive planning and true community engagement are not only needed but required before demolition of the Rodney Reservoir.


2. VISIONING WEBINARS: A series of webinars with expert guests to help our community imagine what’s possible at the Rodney Reservoir.


Next webinar: Environmental Sustainability and How Communities Benefit from Urban Greenspace

April 27th at 7 PM on Zoom with special guest Dr. Susan Barton, Professor of Landscape Horticulture at the University of Delaware.  


Dr. Barton’s presentation will touch on topics like sustainable landscaping, the social and health benefits of plants, and place-based education. Then local resident Christian Willauer will share highlights about past resident-driven design projects at neighborhood parks she coordinated while at West Side Grows and facilitate a conversation about how we might apply Dr. Barton’s insights to imagine what is possible at a future Rodney Reservoir Park.


Facebook event link – RSVP encouraged but not required

Also, find connection details on our website!


3. ACTION ALERT: Contact Officials and let them know that a plan for the future Rodney Reservoir Park should come before demolition!

The City is moving forward with plans to demolish the Rodney Reservoir and leave it as a very large flat vacant lot without a plan in place for its future. We think there are some features of the existing site that should be incorporated into the design of the future park–and that we need to plan before we demolish.  Further, we love our neighborhood and want to have a say in its future.

Take action today and write an email to our state legislators asking them to make sure the City meets the requirements of the Bond Bill funding - and does comprehensive planning and community engagement before demolition- so we can all start working together to make sure the Rodney Reservoir becomes a beautiful public park incorporating ideas from residents that neighbors and the whole city can enjoy.


Visit our website to find contact information for elected officials and more tips and talking points for writing your letters and making calls.



Join weekly Saturday meetings at 10 AM at the Church of The Holy City at 1118 N. Broom Street. Enter to the right of the main door and enter through the side door.


Follow Green for the Greater Good on Facebook and Instagram @GreenfortheGreaterGood

Visit the website.

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