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E-Newsletter 5/11: Ribbon-Cutting, Action Alert, and Partnership with University of Delaware

On Thursday we celebrated the spring harvest with the students and teachers of Lewis Dual Language Elementary, our partners Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids and West Side Grows Together, and our elected officials, Senator Lockman, Representative Dorsey Walker and Council Members Fields and Spadola.

As Lewis students harvested fresh veggies, they demonstrated the potential for the Rodney Reservoir to serve our community not only as a greenspace and gardens, but also as an outdoor classroom and natural space that can contribute to the health and wellness of our community, and especially our children and youth.

We thought you might enjoy some pictures from the day!

TAKE ACTION: Click the link to send a pre-written letter to legislators to let them know we want a plan for the future Rodney Reservoir Park BEFORE demolition!

The City has promised to make Rodney Reservoir a public park, but it needs to work with our community to develop a plan BEFORE starting demolition so that it is possible to build on this historic site and its unique sense of place.

When the State awarded the City of Wilmington $1.7 million for the Rodney Reservoir, they required the City to engage the public and have a plan BEFORE starting the project.

Use this link to send a pre-written letter to our legislators asking them to make sure the City meets this requirement and involves residents in the design of the future greenspace and does comprehensive planning BEFORE starting demolition:

Please spread the word and ask your neighbors to do the same!


We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with University of Delaware and Living Lab Research Group faculty Anna Wik, RLA, ASLA and Dr. Nina David to conduct a community engaged vision process to consider possible concepts and designs for the future Rodney Reservoir Park. The opportunity will be funded by the Wilmington Partnership, a place-based initiative between the University of Delaware and the City of Wilmington.

This process will be the time we ask you all to get engaged and participate in a multi-session charrette process whereby we generate and up vote design concepts in collaboration with UD faculty, fellows, community partners and neighbors. Mark your calendars for June and stay tuned for more details.


We all need to work together to make sure our neighborhood is heard and the city works with us on the future of the Rodney Reservoir! Here are some ways you can help:

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Visit the website for the latest news.

Join weekly Saturday meetings at 10 AM at the Church of The Holy City at 1118 N. Broom Street. Enter to the right of the main door and enter through the side door.

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