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June 8 Update & Action Guide

Greetings everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend for our successful picnic and rally in the Rodney Community Garden. It was a gorgeous day and we got to know many more neighbors and community members who are interested in getting involved in the work we are doing to save our greenspace and imagine an even better future for it.

Big News!!!

We received the wonderful news that the Mayor had announced to other elected officials including Rep. Dorsey Walker that he was no longer pursuing development of the Rodney Reservoir site at this time. We heard it first through a Facebook message on June 6 that Rep. Dorsey Walker posted to the Cool Spring Tilton Neighborhood group (Please check it out on Facebook and express your enthusiasm for this turn of events!) and then we got an email directly from Mayor Purzycki on June 8. We should all take a moment to soak in this victory!!!

We have been told by elected officials that it is our advocacy that is making the difference and that we need to keep doing exactly what we are doing. We need to continue with our strategy of contacting the Capital Improvement Committee and calling on them to change the bond bill language so that the state dollars are committed to greenspace improvements at the Rodney Reservoir. (more on this below).

More Good News!!!

Members of our coalition were invited to a West Side Grows Together Steering Committee meeting to share our cause with them. They agreed to write a letter to the Mayor expressing support for Green for the Greater Good and our campaign to save the Rodney Reservoir. They also agreed to participate in a working group (that would also include members of our group and residents surrounding the Reservoir) that would liaise with the City on any future steps with the Rodney Reservoir site.

ACTION! Call Strategy Next Steps

We have adjusted our call strategy based on developing events. Below are the highlights. For full details, visit our action guide attached and here:

  • Our focus is contacting our elected officials in the legislature and all members of the Capital Improvement Committee.

  • We will add to our talking points the fact that the Mayor has announced that he is in support of keeping the Rodney Reservoir a greenspace.

  • We will continue our strategy of asking that the bond bill language be changed to reflect this and ensure that all monies awarded are restricted to greenspace improvements.

  • We are not focused on calling City officials this week while we prioritize the Legislature as outlined above.

  • Finally, we are asking you to log your calls and emails using this Elected Official Contact Log: (See the Action Guide above for more details.)

Canvass Updates

We are asking everyone who is out there canvassing to check in and provide an update using this Canvass Report Back form: As part of the form, we ask you to upload pictures of your petition sheets so we can start to tally our progress.

A new step we would like to ask you all to implement is to place a check mark by the name of anyone who signs the petition who would also like to get on our email list. The email list will loop them up on updates and calls to action.

Thank you for all the work you are doing to make a real difference in our community! We are just beginning to see the fruits of our labor. Let’s keep up this momentum with our call strategy and canvassing efforts. Please reach out to if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc.

Action Guide for the week of June 6th
Download PDF • 289KB

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