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We are neighbors working together to keep Rodney Reservoir safe, public and green.  We are asking the City of Wilmington to commit to making the Rodney Reservoir a permanent public greenspace and work with the community to create a design and secure the funds to make it a reality.

​What residents are asking the City to do before starting demolition:

  • Prioritize our community's health

The City of Wilmington has discovered hazardous chemicals including mercury, cobalt, and benzo(a)pyrene in the soils of the Rodney Reservoir. The City wants to move forward with demolition in January anyway–without cleaning up the contamination. Demolition would take four months during which the hazardous chemicals that are currently bound up in the soil could be released in dust or water-run off.  Governor Carney and DNREC–the state’s version of the EPA–need to enforce existing state laws and require the City to clean up hazardous chemicals before starting demolition.

  • Complete the design for the new park and commit to building it.

Starting demolition before completing the community design process wastes resources and leaves the site in limbo. The City has not yet committed or pledged funds to build a park after demolition.

We live here! Let’s make sure the project is done safely and creates a park!

Visit our Action Alert to send a pre-composed letter to Governor Carney & DNREC.

aerial image of the Rodney Reservoir.


To make the Rodney Reservoir the best that it can be, we need to work together. Let's get it done in small groups that take the lead on different areas: outreach to neighbors, press, technical, and your idea here. What's your passion or expertise?

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Every Saturday

10 AM

Heads up, new location! The Church of the Holy City, 1118 N. Broom St

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